Liechtenstein: Poison Centres Notification

Liechtenstein: Poison Centres Notification

vendredi 25 mars 2022
Since the entry into force of Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation, Member States have been progressively connecting to the ECHA Submission Portal, deciding either to keep their national reporting system in parallel with the Submission Portal or to abandon their national reporting system in favour of the Portal offered by ECHA.

Liechtenstein is now ready to accept notifications to poison centres via the ECHA Submission Portal.
Moreover, Bulgaria is undergoing changes with the Competent Authority responsible for poison centre notifications, and are in the process of setting up the relevant systems.

As a reminder, for all new products placed on the market, from 1 January 2021 you must submit the information required by Annex VIII before placing your mixtures on the market if the mixtures are intended for use by consumers or professionals. The date of 1 January 2025 will be the end of the transitional period. Therefore all mixtures placed on the market will have to be declared in accordance with Annex VIII. Lisam Telegis can help you to complying with these reporting requirements.

Lisam Telegis also provides support for generating the UFI number. The Unique Formulation Identifier (UFI) is a unique code that is required both in the declaration of hazardous mixtures and on the label of these products or, in some cases, on the packaging. It consists of 16 characters and is required when a person seeks medical advice by calling the local poison centre in case of accidental exposure. This number helps poison centres, among other things, to identify the product in question and its ingredients more quickly, and thus enable them to provide appropriate preventive and curative measures.

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